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The purpose of Document Control is not to create extra work or build a bureaucracy. It is to protect the value of the content of documents and to enhance the usefulness of that content to the people in the company who need to use it to do their work.

The value of information lies solely in its ability to affect a behaviour, decision or outcome. A piece of information is considered valueless if, after receiving it, things remain unchanged.

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Fifteen years ago, only 10% of large oil and gas projects ran more than 50% over budget; in 2011 this figure had doubled to 20%, according to a Schlumberger Business Consulting report. One reason for this is a failure to put in place adequate Document Control practices.

We at cata4data know that Document Control cannot be achieved through technology alone. Technology requires logic which is provided by company processes. These processes are captured by way of policy and procedures. The right people are required to implement, manage and police these processes, whilst fully utilising technology for all transactional work.

Together, people, process and technology provide an effective and integrated Document Control System, which is key to capital project success.


Experienced security cleared Document Control and Information Management professionals.

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Develop and a Document Control Strategy and suite of processes to cater for your project.

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In house or off the shelf Electronic Document Management systems to suit your needs.

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Our services have been provided to major projects from various sectors within the UK and further afield.

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